Ilgım D. Benoit, PhD

Associate Professor

  • Ph.D. - University of Massachusetts Amherst

  • M.B.A. - Bogazici University

Ilgım Dara Benoit is an Associate Professor of Marketing at the Walker College of Business. Her research interests revolve around three main themes: well-being, creativity, affect, and information processing, which she generally studies within the context of consumer decision making and/or advertising. Her work has been published in Health Marketing Quarterly (2023), Journal of Business Research (2022), Journal of Consumer Marketing (2017, 2019, 2021), Journal of Social Marketing (2021), International Journal of Healthcare Management (2021), Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing (2018), as well as proceedings of prestigious marketing conferences.

Prior to academia, Ilgım spent several years working in the industry in Turkey. She has work experience as a Brand Manager at Hyundai, Brand Manager Assistant at Goodyear and as an Account Manager at directComm Marketing Group.


Ilgım Dara Benoit, Elizabeth G. Miller, Ann M. Mirabito, Jesse R. Catlin (2023), “Medical decision-making with tables and graphs: The role of cognition, emotions, and
analytic thinking,” Health Marketing Quarterly, 40 (1), 59-81.

Ilgım Dara Benoit, Elizabeth G. Miller, (2022) “Enhancing Creativity Perception through Fear,” Journal of Business Research, 139 (February), 1084-1098.

Ceren Ekebas-Turedi, Elika Kordrostami, Ilgım Dara Benoit (2021), “The impact of message framing and perceived consumer effectiveness on green ads,” Journal of Consumer Marketing, 38 (4), 386-396.

Ilgım Dara Benoit, Elizabeth G. Miller, Elika Kordrostami, Ceren Ekebas-Turedi, (2021) “Improving the effectiveness of anti-texting and driving PSAs the effectiveness,” Journal of Social Marketing, 11 (2), 167-186.

Ilgım Dara Benoit, Elika Kordrostami, Jeffrey Foreman, (2021), “Senior sexual and gender minorities’ perception of healthcare services A Phenomenological approach,” International Journal of Healthcare Management, 14 (4), 1002–1010.

Ilgım Dara Benoit, Elizabeth G. Miller, (2019) “When does creativity matter the impact of consumption motive and claim set-size,” Journal of Consumer Marketing, 36 (4), 449-460.

Ilgım Dara Benoit, Thomas Brashear Alejandro, Jeffrey Foreman, Christian Chelariu, Shawn Bergman, (2019) “Social norms in the salesforce justice and relationalism,” Journal of Business Industrial Marketing, 34 (1), 49-61.

Ilgım Dara Benoit, Elizabeth G. Miller, (2017), “The mitigating role of holistic thinking on choice overload,” Journal of Consumer Marketing, 34 (3), 181-190.


Consumer Behavior, Principles of Marketing, Integrated Marketing Communications, International Marketing, Brand Management

Research Interests

Well-being, Creativity, Affect, Information Processing, Consumer Decision Making, Advertising

Title: Associate Professor
Department: Department of Marketing & Supply Chain Management

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