Professional Selling


Selling whether it is a product, service or an idea, is an essential function in all organizations. The Sales Marketing concentration provides business and non-business majors who may consider a career in business, whether it be in a for-profit or not-for-profit organization, the sales expertise needed to succeed.

List of Required and Elective Major Coursework for Sales Concentration

  • Professional Selling
  • Sales Management
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Business-to-Business Buyer Behavior
  • Advanced Sales Techniques
  • Sales Internship
  • Marketing Research
  • Strategic Marketing Management

Program of Study for Sales Concentration, BSBA
Program of Study for Professional Selling Minor

Listing of Satisfied Employers

Aerotek, Neill TSP/Avayda, E&J Gallo, Ferguson, Hershey, Hilti, memoryBlue, Red Ventures, Sanofi Pasteur, TekSystems, Tom James, Total Quality Logistics, Travelers Insurance to name a few.

2019 ICSCOpportunities

National: National Collegiate Sales Competition (NCSC)

International: International Collegiate Sales Competition (ICSC)

Students featured enter sales careers with Mary Kay, Wells Fargo, Hershey, Hilti, Tom James, and TekSystems.

Student Statements

Neill TSP was very enthusiastic with how my sales courses have prepared me for the future, and with how well Merrick and I performed in the sales management case competition. I am excited to be selected for their leadership program. ~ Hope C.

My courses and internship developed my sales and leadership skills. I have never felt more confident or prepared to enter the sales field. Without the help of my professor and mentor, I wouldn't have been able to do it. ~ Aisha N.

I never thought I would get a job offer from taking one specific class. When my mentor told me he would like to hire me when I graduate, that was probably the best compliment I ever got. It meant I had proven myself to him through my sales project. ~ Chad B.

Mentors' Statements

Thank you for giving your students real hands-on experience interacting with sales professionals. I was very impressed with what I saw on the day of final role plays....we ALL benefited from the experience. ~ Carol S., Advanced Realty

This was a great project. I was so impressed with how it was organized and what it taught the students. A student's ability to confidently make a presentation and discuss business in front of other adults the way they did is critical, and I don't see it much. ~ Melissa C., ThirtyOne Consultant

I must say, I have been very impressed with the level of real life experience provided to students. Every aspect of this course has been very much in line with the type of training we afford our new hires. ~ Kathy T., Wyndham Capital Mortgage

Employers' Statements

Working with the students and faculty at Appalachian State has been a delight. They are enthusiastic as to learning and applying the skills of great salesmanship. I have been very impressed with the high caliber students that are in this curriculum. ~ Karl H., Tom James

Red Ventures has thoroughly enjoyed our partnership with ASU and more specifically, have found the professional selling class to be a great place for us to identify solid sales talent. We have hired several people directly from this class and they have been superstars. ~ Carrie L., Red Ventures