The Marketing Path

In Appalachian State University's Marketing (BSBA) degree program, students learn to drive industry initiatives that develop customer satisfaction and retention, contribute to company profits and build connections with suppliers, distributors, and the community. Marketing students gain hands-on experience by identifying problems, developing plans, and implementing effective marketing programs.

The Supply Chain Path 

Appalachian State Univeristy's Supply Chain Management (BSBA) degree program provides students with skills and knowledge in logistics, operations, strategic sourcing, six sigma, and supply chain technologies, enabling them to compete in the global marketplace. Companies focus on SCM as a way to reduce costs, improve processes, and expand into international markets. 

Degree Offerings

Marketing majors may choose from two concentrations, Digital Marketing or Sales. The department also offers minors in professional selling (for business majors), sales (for non-business majors) and general marketing (for non-business majors).

Marketing, BSBA



Supply Chain Management, BSBA 


Study Abroad

Appalachian State University incorporates a global orientation as an integral component of students' academic experience. Every year the Walker College of Business offers students the opportunity to study business abroad. All three program offerings range from 10-30 days and can count towards major credit or elective credit (if eligible) and fulfills the global issues requirement. The WCOB offers abroad trips to Brazil, India, and France. 

Diversity Statement

We at Appalachian State University are committed to diversity, equity, and inclusive excellence both locally and globally. Inclusive Excellence is the intrinsic value that a diverse population adds to the learning, teaching, and decision-making processes of an institution.

We understand that the successful implementation of diversity, equity, and inclusive excellence is the responsibility of the entire university community, including alumni and official university governing bodies. A diverse campus community supports an influx of broad and distinct ideas that increase learning opportunities and strengthen the impact of our community as we work collectively to achieve a just experience for all.

We actively encourage, support, and promote a global mindset and an equitable environment where all will know that they belong and are safe to express their culture, identity, values, ideas, opinions, and creativity. We are committed to creating a culture of equity opportunity for all, one that has an expectation of fairness, justice, and equity-minded practice at all levels of the university community.

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Strategic Initiatives 

In order to facilitate the Walker College of Business's goals, the department of Marketing and Supply Chain Management will pursue the following initiatives to support the 5-year strategic plan: 

  • Initiatives- Goal 1: Increase Collaboration and Innovation in Curricular and Co-Curricular Offerings 

    • Encourage and develop interdisciplinary classes and specialized programs across the university through experimentation and funding support 
    • Assist and support faculty in developing lessons, classes, and programs that intentionally develop analytical and creative skills in our students 
    • Scale successful programs to reach greater numbers of Walker College of Business students 
    • Leverage programs to increase WCOB visibility 
    • Strengthen disciplinary classes, identify outdated classes, and utilize increased capacity to support experimentation and innovation 
  • Initiatives- Goal 2: Broaden Teaching, Learning, and Scholarships 

    • Widen experiential learning opportunities through increased internships, practicums, and study abroad 
    • Increase project-based research and learning opportunities through partnerships and external entities 
    • Expand opportunities for students to participate in discipline-based competitions at the state, regional, national, and international levels 
    • Enhance support of meaningful co-curricular programs, clubs, and student organizations 
    • Encourage research collaboration across departments, campus, and other institutions 
    • Increase student involvement in faculty-led research 
    • Attract, support, and retain faculty and staff who successfully create synergy across teaching, learning, and scholarship 
  • Initiatives- Goal 3: Enhance Community and Industry Engagement 

    • Reward faculty and staff outreach and engagement at the local, regional, national, and global levels 
    • Host local and regional events to bring together business leaders, community, faculty and staff, and students to discuss current challenges facing the business community 
    • Include local and regional community engagement opportunities within study abroad courses 
    • Design and implement an executive education program that significantly contributes to the success of businesses in our region 
    • Actively enhance industry relationships