Research addresses major social problem, texting while driving

Research from Dr. Ilgım Dara Benoit, an assistant professor of marketing in Appalachian State University's Department of Marketing & Supply Chain Management, considers how a major social problem -- texting and driving -- might be improved by tweaking public messaging.

Dr. Benoit's paper, Improving the effectiveness of anti-texting and driving PSAs: the effect of ad elements on attitude change, found that public service announcements (PSAs) that use emotional appeals, and evoke emotion through imagery (as opposed to text alone) and/or using fear (versus disgust, anger or guilt) result in the largest changes in attitude. Additionally, Dr. Benoit deduced that the more creative the PSA, the more effective it is at changing attitudes. Her research suggests that changes to current anti-texting and driving campaigns are needed. 

Dr. Benoit co-authored the paper, which appears in the Journal of Social Marketing, with Elizabeth G. Miller (Department of Marketing, University of Massachusetts Amherst), Elika Kordrostami (Department of Marketing and Business Information Systems, Rowan University) and Ceren Ekebas-Turedi (Department of Marketing, Purdue University Northwest).

Read the full paper.

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Dr. Ilgım Dara Benoit
Published: Mar 30, 2021 4:41pm